Fashion Book Wish-List

2:15 AM

Since it's summer this means that we have plenty of free time to do the things we love. That consists of being able to read all the books we want, especially when sunbathing on our favourite Greek islands.

Recently I've gotten into a fashion book mania; basically anything written by/for designers, editors or bloggers. So let me introduce you to a few books I read (or added to my wish-list), and who knows? Maybe you'll get a few ideas for your summer reads from our list. (The titles are links for Amazon where you can buy each book)

1.#GirlBoss-Sophia Amoruso

From the founder and CEO of one of the biggest e-shops, Nasty Gal, this book is basically a way to empower women who want to be independent when it comes to their careers. It includes a lot of amazing quotes (My favourite: " I stopped feeling like I didn't belong anywhere, and realized that I actually belonged anywhere I wanted to be") and it's an easy and fun but also quite educating read. 

-Pamela Skaist-Levy,Gela Nash-Taylor, Booth Moore

The story of one the most successfull brands of the planet written by it's creators, pretty inspiring for people who are looking to start their own business from zero.

Another well-written book about Karl Lagerfeld. It always deserves a bit from your time.

Written by the woman behind one of the biggest fashion blogs today, Man Repeller you need to read it simply because she's one of the greatest and smartest writers/fashion bloggers today.

Another well-written lifestyle/fashion book by a great blogger. If you like this kind of books you're going to love this one.

We're talking about a book with advices for fashion and styling by Christian Dior. I don't know what else to say to assure you that this is a must-read.

Tips, advices and bits of inspiration by the team of one of the biggest -and girliest- contemporary houses. While celebrating the 20 years of Kate Spade New York this fun book came to life. It's playful, fun, easy to read and ready to brighten up your days -as well as get you inspired-.

Meet Diana Vreeland an early Harper's Bazaar columnist who worked for the Metropolitan Museum of Art and became one of the most known editors-in-chief  in Vogue US. This memoir, edited by her grandson Alexander Vreeland, is a view of her life as it was while she was making history while working with Vogue. A great book for a great woman.

I hope our choices gave you a bit of inspiration for your summer reads. COMMENT below what are your favourite books to ready in the summertime?

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