5 Beauty Spring Trends

2:48 PM


As you may have noticed April is coming to an end whilst May is about to star. Spring is here for good. Of course our mood is so "summery" because we have already started making plans for our vacation (and our summer purchases).And as our winter clothes will be packed to a different closet, our summer ones will gloriously replace them. And that is something we're really happy about because now is the time that we start dreaming of white sanded beaches and the warm summer sun rays.So, how can we only change our clothes and not our makeup?

As serious beauty junkies we would like to introduce you to our top 5 favourite spring trends for as we're into one of our favourite seasons, especially when it comes to the beauty departement.

I will start with one of my favorites and that is the bold eyeliner. We saw that trend to the runway of Marc Jacobs and at Stella McCartney fashion show and we loved it. Dare to wear not only black but light blue or mayble a deep purple one!

For spring makeup bronzer is your best friend. If you want your skin to have a mild transition from the usual winter paleness to the gorgeous summer bronze use vast amount to the places where sun usually hits you (cheek, nose forehead/hairline -and don't forget the neck!-). But be careful to choose the right shade which won't look muddy or orange but instead it'll seem natural when blended with your skin. 

Orange lipstick. This trend started the past summer and soon it turned out to be a mania. Don't be afraid to wear it. The trick is to find to perfect shade that matches with your skin tone. The reason why we love this is because it can update your ordinary outfit (and your mood) into a gorgeous spring/summer one that everyone will love.

Sheer shadow is the new smokey eye. This trend matches a romantic and classy outfit. We saw it at Chanel, Burberry and that was just the begining. Try to find shadows with a little bit of shimmer to them in order to add glow to your usual makeup routine as they can wake up the entire face! And if there was only one colour to wear this spring? Blue. (We dare you.)

 Schoolboy Brows. Let's talk Cara Delevingne now, shall we? The catwalks just confirm that the slightly thinning/pale brows are not something we would be seeing this spring. Instead blunt, boyish brows rule this season (once again).

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