Wear this today: Rain Outfit

3:43 PM

Have a nice month. I hope that you had an amazing Thanksgiving day and that you bought many many things at Black Friday. Here in Greece sadly we dont have nothing of those. Nevermind lets continue with our post. December came and here in Greece. The sun is coverd by black clouds and now it's raining (not men) again. This week, i feel that we are in London. So, i decided to make this post and give some tips of what to wear when out it's raining or is about to be and to protoct ourselves form the cold...So take you blanket and your chocolate and continue reading this post. 

I will start with the necessary stuff. An umbrella is the must have for those days. Don't forget to take them (dont be like me) because you gonna pay it, if you are not lucky. If you don't want to have an umbrella, we have an other solution for you. Guess what. Raincoat. You can find awesome raincoats in the market. Search a little bit more and don't buy this yellow raincoat, it's not at all in fashion. Tip: Put a small umbrella in your bag. 

Other one are rain boots. There are many brands, colors, shapes that you can buy a pair of rain boots. I think that they can create a girly outfit. I love them with shorts and high socks but I know. If is so cold and December you cannot wear short. That's a point. You can combine them with everything and you can wear them everywhere. I am in love with the Hunter and my Burberry.

 Something else what you need is a sweater. You can define your style by choosing the perfet sweater. If you can to be more sportivy choose an Abercrombie&Fitch or Superdry style of sweater. Now that are christmas days you can choose a red with snowfleakes or with Santa. Pick and choose! 

Leggings. You can combine them with your sweaters and your coat. Many prints or just a black can take your outfit in a higher level. But not every girl can weat them. Those who have periphery cannot wear them. But if you want you can combine them with a sweater or with a long shirt

 I cannot forger the coat but i made a full post about them. If you want check them out. Winter Trend: Coats 
I hope that i helped you and that you liked this post. Have a nice week and see you in the next post. But then be happy and safe. Byeee 


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