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Yes, the VMA's awards are a fact. We saw a few days ago Justin Timberlake to throught up his lungs after 15 minutes on the stage. We saw the bad and the kick ass side of Taylor Swift saying to her lovely friend Selena Gomez "Shut the fuck up", when One Direction were on the stage. I don't this that this is again a coincidence. Harry Styles what you did to this poor again and talks like that??. Never mind i am gonna say to this case, Taylor is a big girl now. Everyone laught with Smith family and their reaction when Miley Cyrus was this Robin Thickie on the stage, singing my favorite summer song Give it 2 U. Those were the highlight of the night let's watch more with more spicy details and comment. Keep up reading... ;)

I will start with the one, the special, my lover and my favorite, Justin Timberlake. I know that you might be bored for saying about him all the time but passions are passions. What can we do about that know. I will never change my mind. I'll start with: "What was that?". This was my reaction and my words when he finished his performance. He was awesome, all this energy and the remixes of his old songs were just great. I think everyone needed a flashback to his song and he did it in the best way. Ok, we all watched JT singing "Cry me a river" but when suddenly change stage we said " No that's not possible, it's true". And he did it. It was something like a reunion with the NSYNC. .

P.S: I don't want to tell how the other members of the group showed.I think that you can imagine my opinion about them, because i think you have the same one :P

As for the rumors that Jessica Biel wasn't at the show. I have to tell that she was to the after party wearing a gorgeous black Dolce&Gabanna dress. I loved the detail of the pink-purple lips. Thumps up to Jessica Biel for one more time. Classy and sexy again.
(I anyone knows the brand of the shoes write a comment bellow! Thanks)

Watch Justin Timberlake's performance on the VMA's stage. Just breathtaking performance one of the best of the night.

One the stage with NSYNC..

Next one. Lady Gaga. Emm, yes i can except that she has her own, personal style. Except. Now for the "dress" that she was wearing i don't have to tell something. Ok, thanks God it wasn't meat, as the other time. (Something i am trying to forget). Your comments are expectable. 

 On the stage...

 I prefer her with the masive blond hair. I am not crazy about the dress. Loved the sunglasses. 

Here with the One Direction team. 

Gorilla, gorilla, gorilla. Of course i am talking about Bruno Mars. My sweetie. I loved the hole album that come out. I loved his performance, even i was a little dissy for those green light but it was again one perfomance that Bruno gave his heart, and that's what it in the end you value and what stays in your mind. Big congratulations.

Always with this crazy style. He won two awards. Bruno Maaars <3.

And know here is the spicy thing of all the awards. Miley Cyrus. I haven't decided yet. At some parts i loved her but in some others i think that she past some lines. Ok, i can agree with Justin Timberlake that he said "She grown up, and she wanted to showed us". But ok. We know that we change your style and that you are not any more Hanna Montana. I think everyone can seen that. Anyway, Robin was awesome and they had chemisty the two of them. I loved was Robin wore. As for Miley, i liked only the nude underwear that she wore. And her red carpet look, she was wearing D&G, i wasn't excited with it. 


 On stage..

Red Carpet look. Wearing Dolce and Gabanna.

Smith family reaction when Miley Cyrus was on the stage. 

The last performance that i want to comment about was the Katy Perry's. I liked the into and the hole concept. The song was also good but something. I have to notice that she built a nice body, that she hasn't. Thumps up to Katy Perry for this. But i want to talk about her look. Honestly? What was that on her teeth. I didn't like nothing when i saw this red carpet look. The dress, where she found it??

Let's be honest. The after party look was better. 

The second part is coming. What the wore on the red carpet. Stay tuned. 
xoxo nef.

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