Perfumes: 2013 Edition

7:46 PM

Every woman wants to smell nice. Over the years perfumes have become not only an important part of our daily outfit but also an way to show our personality. Most people in the fashion industry believe that a woman should own a variety of perfumes in order to have the option to choose a different one depending on the occasion. Personally, I'm one of those people who believe that every woman should have a signature sent. Even if it differs from time to time. For instance you may change your perfume every season but the basic ingredients could remain the same giving you a similar finish but with a different tone depending to your mood or the weather sometimes.
You should always remember though that your perfume makes a statement for you and your style so try experementing with some samples before you choose a sent. It's really important to find what suits your skin better because an odour may seem different in different people. 

*I'd like to mention that I spent at least an hour smelling possibly every perfume on Sephora before I decided which products to include in this post, so I'm really hoping that you'll like it.*

Let us know which is your favourite perfume!

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