The Great Gatsby

10:39 PM

Yesterday I saw The Great Gatsby at the local cinema... This period every program on television, articles on different kind of newspapers, covers of magazines had Leonardo Di Caprio, or Carey Mulligan as covers... Everyone was waiting for this movie!
The cinema critics were telling that maybe this is one of the greatest movie, first for the director, then for Leonardo and the for the hole year...

I can say that the advertise for this movie was huuuge. Here cinemas had the official posters 2 months before the official premier. So I was very excited for this movie...

The first think that I want to say is that you HAVE to see this movie. Leonardo and Carey are both great. The director did a great job. The houses, the clothes, the style and the glamour of the 20's were in this movie. If someone doesn't know about this period he/she will learn everything with a such a special way! Also, the movie had great song. Singers such as Florence Welch and Lana Del Rey were matching perfect with the story and their songs. Lana Del Rey's song "Young and Beautiful" is the promo song for this movie. Just perfect!

What's next... LEONARDO DI CAPRIO. What can we tell about this actor. He started from the Titanic and know is an experience and whatever you give him he can play it with success.

What you feel after the movie... A little strange because in the end is a little sad but... Whatever I suggest you to see this movie....

The official trailer:

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