Show me your white dress

4:51 PM

Spring is here, we said it so many times. Let's get to the point. White dress. The trend of this summer. Always white was in fashion but now is for sure. The white dress is an exellent choose because is suites to everyone. We are a teen, you are a woman. For sure eeveryone can wear a white dress. Now the dress can be maxi, short or midi. It's your decision. The dress can have some other details such us some blue strips or with lace. The perfect combination is the total white dress with something colorful. Choose pink, purple, red shoes with the similar bag. Prefer a big clutch. Also, you can wear big and colorful jewels. Prefer gold details such as earings, or a watch with a lot of bracelets. The ideal is to be a little tanned so the white dress will be the perfect one for you...

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