Show me what you read!

11:33 PM

...And now we're going to talk about book clutches. We saw some amazing designs by Kate Spade like Romeo&Juliet which we absolutely loved. Many celebrities (including Michelle Wlliams and Natalie Portman) hold them, our fellow fashion bloggers hold them and we all have to admit they're looking good!
We love the fact that all of them are actual (and mostly classic) books which have just been brought into fashion community. Ready to impress, they're eccentric but with a classy tone. If you want to update a look (especially a total black/white one) you should definetely try this!

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  1. I adoooore those bags.....Nef could you buy me one??? :P

    1. Emmmm, i don't think so! You don't want to know the price!