My favourite series

5:36 PM

First of all i love series. Here in Greece we don't have channels with american series so we have to download them from the internet and that is so sad and drives me crazy sometimes because you have to pay for watching them on television... Anyway here is my top five with my favourite series....

1. Grey's Anatomy

I looooooove Grey's Anatomy. I can tell that is the best serie eeever! The songs, the actors, the plot are marvelous! Of course season 8 was a little bit a drama because everyone died on that season and it was sad sometimes... (But we still love Derek)

2. Game of Thrones
 What i should tell about this series... Is fucking awesome... Every episode was full of emotions, new people, battles... I suggest you should start it! March 31 season 3... I can't wait

3. How i met your mother
I laugh all the time with this series... Eventhough i thought they should stop in this season because is a little bit boring... Love you Barney

4. Downton Abbey
All episodes are amazing... The cast is always great... Is full of drama and you should start it for sure....

5. The big bang theory

It's all time classic... This serie is full of fun... All cast has fun....

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